Simple and Effective Searches in Seconds with Webfeat!

Posted By:  Chantal Strobel
Date Posted:  5/3/2003

Say goodbye to your traditional search engines and hello to an easier, more efficient, and effective way to access pertinent information.

The library's latest search tool called Webfeat allows you to access the Internet, the library's catalog, and the library's information databases all at once for a combined search that only takes seconds. The finest and most relevant resources are displayed for you in a mere 30 -100 seconds from full-text articles, to library materials on the subject, to database information, to Internet results from reputable resources.

To access Webfeat from home or work:

1. Go to the library's Website at

2. Choose the SEARCH menu option.

3. Chose SEARCH USING WEBFEAT from the submenu.

4. Type in your subject and wait for results.

"Our Webfeat system allows us to package information literacy through a computer interface," said Information Technology Manager Rod Miller. "Webfeat allows patrons to search many relevant resources in one simple search and get the results they need."

Only the library provides patrons with such a full array of reputable resources in one easy search. The library online is your ultimate search engine!

For more information, contact Rod Miller at 312-1041 or Chantal Strobel at 312-1031.

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