A NOVEL IDEA... Read Together

Posted By:  Chantal Strobel
Date Posted:  6/17/2003

It’s happening in Seattle, Chicago, Portland, and
New York … and now it’s our turn!

In April 2004, the Deschutes Public Library is kicking off an all-county reading project titled,
“A Novel Idea… Read Together.” This program encourages Deschutes County residents to all read the same book.

We need your help in selecting the book! Please suggest
1 - 3 titles that you believe would be of interest to the people of Deschutes County. Please keep in mind the following criteria when suggesting a title:

1. A well-written, discussable book that explores basic human truths and has characters dealing with issues in their lives with whom readers can identify.

2. A book that appeals to a wide audience – from confirmed book lovers to those who may not yet consider books and reading basic to their lives.

3. A book written by an author with a body of work – offering the opportunity to read beyond the selection.

4. A book available in a variety of formats (audio, DVD, video).

{1}Please submit your suggestions by Friday, July 11.

Title 1:

Title 2:

Title 3:

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