Library Closes September 19 - 21 to Install New Electronic Catalog

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Date Posted:  9/10/2005

Deschutes Public Library staff is working hard behind the scenes to install a new catalog that will become available to the public on Thursday, September 22. The new Library catalog will be easier to use and will offer you many more ways to find what library users need.

“The electronic catalog keeps track of the Library’s thousands of items and the continuous circulation of these items to individual Library cardholders,” said Community Relations Manager Chantal Strobel. “The catalog is essential to keeping the Library running effectively and efficiently.”

According to Strobel, the catalog provides the following benefits to library customers:

· Helps find the books and materials you need.

· Provides staff with the tools to assist Library customers - finding items to check out, preparing holds, and updating Library records.

· Facilitates the ordering and processing of new materials and the daily maintenance of the Library's collection.

· Tracks circulation trends so that the library can operate efficiently and get customers their materials as quickly as possible.

“The new catalog will include many innovations designed specifically for Deschutes Public Library customers, “said Strobel. “Customers will enjoy simpler and easier ways to find the materials they need, e-mail alerts that remind them ahead of time when items are due, and detailed information about books in the library's collection.”

To ensure a smooth data migration, the library system will be closed from Monday, September 19 through Wednesday, September 21. The Terrebonne Library Information Station will be closed from September 18 - September 21. Bookmobile and We Deliver services will be closed September 19 - September 23. The Library branches will open with regular hours and services on Thursday, September 22.

Other services affected by the catalog installation include:

The Library's book drops and website will be unavailable during these days. Material check-in, check-out, and book reservations will be shut down until regular business resumes on Thursday, September 22.

The Library’s Inter-Library loan (ILL) program will be suspended from September 3rd through October 5th. Inter-Library Loan requests already placed before September 3 will be filled as scheduled.

Additionally, patrons will not be allowed to place requests on any library materials beginning Sunday, September 3 thru Saturday September 24. This is in preparation for the data migration and to ensure that requests already placed on library materials will transfer smoothly.

For more information, please contact Chantal Strobel at 312-1031.

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