Brad Tisdel Launches New CD At Library

Posted By:  Liz Goodrich
Date Posted:  8/10/2007

Café Libri is open this month at the Redmond Public Library on August 16, 2007 from 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. During this time, regular library services are available. This program is free and open to the public.

At Café Libri this month is Brad Tisdel, who will debut his new CD, “On Your Way,” produced by Keith Greeninger. Tisdel recorded 11 new songs ranging from the title track, “On Your Way” about the birth of his son, to tracks chronicling his travels in Nepal and about hurricane ravaged New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. This is the first recording in nine years from Tisdel, following the release of his previous two CD’s, “Feel the Fir,” and “Tisdel and Thom.”

“On Your Way” was recorded with a supporting cast of great musicians including: Brent Alan (Stone Soup, Spoilers), Bend local Patrick Pearsall (Bond Brothers, Spoilers), John R. Burr (Alison Brown Quartet), Chojo Jacques (Waybacks, Houston Jones), Roger Feuer and Kimball Hurd (CityFolk).

Over the past seven years, Brad Tisdel has been working as the co-founder and creator of the Americana Project, teaching guitar playing, song writing and American Roots Music to young people in Sisters and surrounding central Oregon public schools. The Americana Project is currently in five schools, four Central Oregon high schools and one in Lincoln City. Further, Brad has served as the Artistic Director of the Sisters Folk Festival for the past four years and is founder of the Americana Song Academy, a three day songwriting camp teaching adults the craft of songwriting and dynamics of the acoustic music industry. With these three distinct roles, Tisdel has woven a web of community engagement, support of arts in the schools, and acoustic music and songwriting for the community of Sisters and Central Oregon.

At the heart of it all, Brad Tisdel is first and foremost a musician and songwriter who is presently taking stake of his own music with the release of “On Your Way,” on Contemplato Records. Check out Brad Tisdel solo, duo or in a band format as he presents his music with honesty and authenticity, with a clear voice and an open heart.

For more information about this or other library programs, please call 312-1032.

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