Library Board Announces Decision on Sisters Library Project

Posted By:  Michael Gaston
Date Posted:  4/25/2002

The Deschutes Public Library Board voted unanimously to defer plans to construct a new branch library in Sisters until the year 2008. This decision enables the Library to obtain the maximum value from the investment of $95,000 in private donations and $115,000 in Library Services & Construction Act (LSCA) grant funds that were used to construct the facility.

The Board affirmed that it was ready and willing to accelerate the construction schedule and dedicate up to $1,000,000 towards the project if the City would agree to the transfer of the value of the grant and donations towards the new facility.

"The Board has a fiduciary obligation to the taxpayers to maximize use of the Sisters Library while the terms of the grant apply," Board President Ann Evensen said. "We were hopeful the City would transfer the value of the grant and donations to the new construction so we could proceed more quickly with the new facility, but that is not happening."

Board members expressed deep regret with the decision of the City to terminate negotiations with the Library District.

"We would have preferred to proceed with the new library," Evensen said. "The current facility has inadequate space to hold books, children programs, computers, and public meetings. We hope the local residents of Sisters encourage the City Council to approve the transfer of the value of the grants and donations so that the project can proceed before 2008."

The Board directed Gaston to obtain a site for the new library as soon as possible to avoid rising costs. Gaston stated that he would initiate a site study in early fall of 2002.

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