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Date Posted:  3/13/2008

Deschutes Public Library is excited to announce the availability of book previews from Google in the online catalog. DPL was one of two public libraries invited by

Google to test their new interface for linking to previews, and sometimes the full text, of books at Google Book Search. This resource is now available in our online


From the Google announcement:

"As an example of the API in use, check out the Deschutes Public Library in Oregon, which has added a link to "Preview this book at Google" next to the listings in their library catalog. This enables Deschutes readers to preview a book immediately via Google Book Search so that they can then make a better decision about whether they'd like to buy the book, borrow it from a library or whether this book wasn't really the book they were looking for"

Since Google hasn't scanned every book in the DPL catalog, the preview link will be visible only for those that have been scanned. As Google continues to scan

additional books, more previews will become available.

Read the Google announcements:

Official Google Blog

Inside Google Book Search Blog

Check out a few titles with previews:

(While you're there, give the More Details, Find Similar Items, and Reviews/Additional Info. tabs a click to find out even more about the book.)

The Beach House - James Patterson & Peter de Jonge

Ajax Hacks - Bruce Perry

Curious George and the Pizza - edited by Marget Rey and Alan J. Shalleck

The Iliad - Homer; translated by Robert Fagles; introduction and notes by Bernard Knox

Note - Currently, links to the previews correctly display in the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. We are working on compatibility with older versions.

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