New Online Feature - For Movie Lovers

Posted By:  Webmaster
Date Posted:  5/5/2008

We're excited to announce our recently released online resource for movie lovers. DPL's Resources for Movie Lovers site brings together several movie-related resources in one site. A regularly updated list of featured titles provides direct links to the catalog for older titles you may have missed as well as new titles that are worth a watch. The site also features several movie related lists, all linked to the online catalog. Examples of currently available lists:

  • Academy Award Winners - Best Picture - 1928 - present

  • American Film Institute's 100 years... 100 Movies

  • Notable Directors

  • Academy Award Winning Actors

  • Academy Award Winning Actresses

All of the lists are linked to the online catalog. Click a title or author's (actor, director, etc.) name to automatically search the online catalog. Additionally, there are direct links to IMDb and Wikipedia in the directors, actors, and actresses list. Just click the link next to the person's name to look them up at either IMDb or Wikipedia. Clicking an actor's or director's name will search the online catalog for all works by that person. The site also offers links to movie related Internet sites like the Academy Awards, American Film Institue, and NY Times.

Check out the new Resources for Movie Lovers site today.

Coming Soon - Resources for Book Lovers

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