Digital Downloads - Now compatible with iPods and Macs

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Date Posted:  12/2/2008

The Deschutes Public Library is excited to announce that the
Digital Download site has recently
been updated to include audio books that are compatible with iPods and
Macintoshes.  Additionally, a Mac version of the Overdrive Media Console
software required for downloading audio books is now available.

The Digital Download site now includes a collection of titles
in MP3 format
.  MP3 audio books will play on iPods, MP3 players, many
cell phones, and even some GPS navigational systems.  Whether you're a Mac
or Windows user, all you need to download and transfer the new MP3 audio books
to your iPod is the new
Overdrive Media Console
.  The Overdrive Media console also includes a built-in Burn
Wizard that can be used to burn audio book titles to CD.

Give Digital
Downloads a try on your iPod or Mac today.

iPod and Mac compatible titles are noted with the following icons: 
MP3 format icon style="width: 22px; height: 22px" /> 
iPod icon style="width: 28px; height: 28px" /> 
Mac icon style="width: 28px; height: 28px" />


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