I Will Go Down With the Ship -- Titanic Fiction

Posted By:  Jennifer Pedersen
Date Posted:  4/14/2012

Kate and Leo aren’t the only ones with a tragic Titanic story. April 15th marks the 100-year anniversary of the unsinkable ship’s sinking. Salute her with one of these inspired tales:

Fateful Fateful
Claudia Gray
Ladies maid Tess Davies meets ladies man Alec Marlow aboard the RMS Titanic, and quickly becomes entangled in the dark secrets of his past in this paranormal teen romance.
The company of the deadThe Company of the Dead
David J. Kowalski
What if the Titanic never sank and the U.S. never joined World War I? In David Kowalski’s imaging of such a world, Germany and Japan now control America. In order to restore history to its rightful order, a confederate spy time-travels back to her sailing.
The dressmaker : a novelThe Dressmaker
Kate Alcott
Following a more traditional history of events, Kate Alcott imagines the life of a spirited young woman who survives the sinking of the Titanic only to find herself embroiled in the media frenzy that followed her sinking.
Promise me thisPromise Me This
Cathy Gohlke
And then there were those who survived thanks to the selflessness of others. Michael Dunnagan vows to care for his savior’s family, and finds a tentative friendship blossoming into something unexpected.
Raise the Titanic!Raise the Titanic!
Clive Cussler
A secret presidential task force, an unprecedented defensive weapon that relies on a rare radioactive element, and Soviet spies! What’s all this got to do with The Titanic? I have no idea, but Dirk Pitt does so you know it’s going to be good.

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