Olympic Fiction

Posted By:  Jennifer Pedersen
Date Posted:  7/27/2012

The wait is over. The 2012 Olympic Games start today, and we are excited! But what do you do if the constant stream of athletics on TV and online just isn’t enough? Read one (or all) of these Olympics stories to keep your gold-medal dreams aflame.

Cover ImageGold
Cleave, Chris.
New York : Simon & Schuster, c2012.

You know Cleave better as the guy who wrote Little Bee. In his follow up novel he follows the lives of frenemies Zoe and Kate – best friends and Olympic cycling rivals.

Cover ImageSwimming
Keegan, Nicola.
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2009.

Following the sometimes rising, sometimes falling star of Pip – a teenaged swimming sensation selected to compete for the US at the Olympics. How does a teenager handle that much pressure?

Cover ImageBliss, Remembered
Deford, Frank.
New York : Overlook Press, 2010.

Another swimmer! At the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Sydney Stringfellow begins an intense love affair with a German but the affair abruptly ends when political forces tear them apart.

Cover ImagePrivate Games
Patterson, James, 1947-
New York : Little, Brown and Co., c2012.

Okay, you know this one’s going to be more about the thrills than the sports, but it’s Patterson, so it’s going to a good ride. A serial killer is hunting members of the International Olympic Committee in the lead up to the London Games.

Cover ImageRed Mercury : A Novel
Barclay, Max.
West Hollywood, CA : Dove Books, 1996.

Another thriller, but this one is set at the Atlanta games and involves a delusional genius and virtually untraceable nuclear weapon. Gulp.

Cover ImageWhite Teeth : A Novel
Smith, Zadie.
New York : Random House, c2000.

What does literary darling Smith’s debut novel have to do with the Olympics? OK, not a whole lot, I’ll admit, but one of the characters in this sprawling tale of the histories of two intertwined families does go to the Olympics. No really, see if you find it.

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