Summer Reading: “Dirty” Books

Posted By:  Liz Goodrich
Date Posted:  5/29/2013

Join Community Librarians Nate, Chandra, Jenny and Liisa for a look at what “dirty” book should be your next read. During the programs each of the four Community Librarians will be highlighting a different type of “dirty” book, from books about gardening to true crime accounts. The presentations are part of Deschutes Public Library’s Summer Reading Program, the theme of which encourages people to dig in and discover a ground breaking read. The programs are free and open to the public.

June 2, 2013 • 2:00 p.m.
Sisters Library

June 6, 2013 • 6:00 p.m.
East Bend Library

According to Nate “dirty books” are guilty pleasures. Their content is racy, violent, or lurid. The best ones are all three. Nate will talk about the sort of books you found buried deep in your parents’ bookshelves or that you secretly checked out from the library. The sort of books you read while hiding beneath the bed covers, turning the pages way past your bedtime. Nate is a Community Librarian with the downtown Bend branch of Deschutes Public Library. He reluctantly read a lot of dirty books for this talk so you wouldn’t have to.

Liisa has been with the Deschutes Public Library for 14 years. As a teen she tried to get out of gardening chores in her parents’ very large yard, using grass allergies as an excuse to get out of mowing the law. When she moved to Bend and bought a house, she realized “Yikes!” now I have to maintain a yard which was way bigger than the house plants that she used to kill on a regular basis. She joined the Eastside Garden Club, learned about the difficulties of gardening in Central Oregon and now her colorful garden is the envy of everyone on her street. During the book talk Liisa will highlight books on gardening.

Jenny has worked at Deschutes Public Library in various capacities since 2008. She previously worked in the news business and wonders why it took her so long to make the switch to libraries. She admits that she is a book snob. She’s not always proud to admit it, but it’s true. She enjoys reading literary fiction and poorly written books make her tear out her hair. She loves finding new, groundbreaking books that push the boundaries of literature, publishing or societal norms.

“Sure, I’ve laundered money,” says Chandra who has been with Deschutes Public Library since 2000. “Who hasn’t washed a pair of pants and discovered later that some cash was left in a pocket?” During the book talk Chandra will spotlight true crime books about dirty money. She admits there is something about true crime that appeals to her. Could it be something from her past? When asked about the possibility of a shady history Chandra replied “I plead the Fifth.”

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