eCycling at the Redmond Library

Posted By:  Josie Hanneman
Date Posted:  2/13/2017

Recycling your e-waste in a safe way that benefits our community!  Bring your old electronic items to the Redmond Library from 1 - 4 p.m. on Saturday, March 11.

Accepted items:

  • Cell phones and their cords, attachments, etc.
  • Covered Electronic Devices, such as: computer monitors, CPUs (towers and desktops), Laptops, Printers, Mice, Keyboards
  • Ink and Ink Cartridges

Not accepted:

  • Tube or projection televisions
  • Tube or “old” computer monitors
  • Items too large for us to move!

Cell phones will be donated to Saving Grace, ink cartridges will be recycled locally, all other items will be donated to the Community Foundation for refurbishment or recycling.

Please erase any of your data from these devices before e-cycling them!

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