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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS - Real Estate Agent of Record

Posted By:  Denise Senner
Date Posted:  12/10/2018

Deschutes Public Library District (hereinafter referred to as “DPL”) is requesting proposals from local qualified companies providing Real Estate Services that meet the needs of DPL.  Areas of consideration include Purchase and Sale of Commercial Property, purchase and development of raw land to be used commercially, and Property Management Services.  DPL will accept responses until no later than January 11, 2019 (closing) at 4pm PST at the Deschutes Public Library, 507 NW Wall St., Bend, OR 97703 and will ultimately result in an exclusive contract to meet DPL’s needs.

DPL is in need of partnering with an experienced Real Estate Firm to support us over the next five years in the potential disposition and acquisition of Commercial Property for the purpose of expanding the Library. The firm or individual awarded this contract will perform complex real estate activities, including property acquisitions, appraisals, sale of District property and lessor/lessee activities.

This RFP, including contract terms, conditions and specifications, may be obtained from Denise Senner, Business Services Manager or via DPL’s Public Website (  and shall be available for review at the above address beginning December 10, 2018 until RFP closing.  Sealed proposals can be hand delivered or mailed to Denise Senner at the above address. No faxed or emailed proposals will be accepted. No proposals will be received after closing. Proposals will be opened directly after January 11, 2019 at 4pm.    Per DPL Rule 137-047-0300(3)(d), no prequalification for proposers is required.  The RFP Project Team members may not be contacted or solicited.

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