New Series of Classes Helps Beginners Build Computer Skills

Posted By:  Jennifer Pedersen
Date Posted:  1/10/2019

Technology can help people connect with family and friends, explore learning interests, and even open up personal and professional opportunities. But the fast-moving nature of technology can also create barriers. That’s where Deschutes Public Library comes in: its robust offering of free computer classes will have even the most hesitant computer user up and running in no time.


Starting in 2019, the Library is grouping its computer classes into sets of series that provide clear paths for learning and improvement. Each series focuses on the beginner computer user and addresses common needs, from mastering Windows 10 and Excel to learning social networking and buying and selling items online.


“So much has changed with our technology over such a short period of time,” says librarian and computer class coordinator Jennifer Pedersen. “Along with that, the way we teach computer skills has changed. People want to learn to do specific things like post an ad on Craigslist. We believe these series of classes will help our customers achieve specific goals while learning broader skills as well.”


Each series features three classes, but participants can pick and choose the classes they’d like to take (with the exception of the Coding Camp, which requires registration for all three):



Classes run on Tuesdays from 2:30-4:00 p.m. in the Meyer Classroom at Downtown Bend Library. Space is limited and registration is required. Learn more about each class and register using the links above or call 541-617-7080.

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