A Vision for the Future

The story behind future library facilities

A Vision for the Future

Conceptual Design Process

Consistent with the Facilities Capital Plan recommendations, Deschutes Public Library initiated a conceptual design process for its facilities. The process developed design concepts and budgets for revitalization of the Sisters, Sunriver, La Pine, and Downtown Bend libraries; a larger Redmond Library; and a new Central Library.

Community members were invited and encouraged to participate in the design process. Deschutes Public Library facilitated meetings and open houses in its libraries, and held pop-up engagement opportunities in other Deschutes County community locations.

Design Opportunities Explored

Creative and Collaboration
Collections - Books, movies, and more
Discover and Explore
Events and Performances
The library will always be a place for collections, children, teens, and adults.

Oportunities at Existing Libraries

Downtown Bend

  • Improve transparency and orientation from lobby and gathering spaces
  • Relocate community meeting room adjacent to lobby; increase size and flexibility
  • Increase Children’s discovery programs to support creativity and collaboration

East Bend

  • Provide focused community programming in convenient location
  • Support diversity of browsable collection within available area
  • Define a variety of seating spaces
  • Evolve programming and service opportunities as resources expand

La Pine

  • Expand visibility, orientation from lobby
  • Enhance browsability in a comfortable, central gathering space
  • Increase variety of studying and creative collaboration spaces
  • Provide flexibility to support peak programming hours


  • Create a vibrant library for growing community needs
  • Provide expanded programming and classes in flexible and multi-use spaces for all ages
  • Establish library as primary location for children exploration and discovery in Redmond


  • Enhance browsability in a comfortable, central gathering space
  • Increase variety of studying and creative collaboration spaces
  • Provide space for community partnership programs
  • Increase access to outdoor spaces


  • Increase flexibility of library spaces through improved distribution of activities
  • Enhance browsability of collection
  • Create more meeting spaces for community users of all ages

New Central Library

95,000 to 115,000 square feet of space to increase capacity and core services; expand opportunities for collaboration, engagement, and discovery for all ages; accomodate high-impact services, such as large library programs and community events; consolidate administrative functions for improved efficiency and innovation; and a community hub for all.

Facilities Capital Plan

To prepare for a dynamic next chapter, the library completed a Facilities Capital Plan that is the culmination of two years of intensive study and substantial community involvement. The plan outlines a vision for future library spaces and services needed to meet the demands of the 21st century and to keep pace with Deschutes County’s rapid population growth. Click here to access the plan.

Starting the Vision Process

On June 12, 2018, dozens of Deschutes County community leaders—including representatives from public agencies, private businesses, and non-profit organizations—gathered with library staff to explore two challenging questions:

  1. What will the future bring for Deschutes County communities?
  2. What role will the Deschutes Public Library(DPL) play in bringing this vision to life?

The workshop was led by Group 4 Architecture Research + Planning, Inc., a planning and architectural firm helping libraries nationwide develop visions and plans for vibrant and sustainable communities. Participants collaborated throughout the day on a series of focused activities to encourage visionary thinking about the future of DPL with a focus on four themes: People, Place, Platform, and Partnership. The workshop was an essential part of engaging the community in the process of developing a new capital facilities plan for DPL.

The feedback we received from the vision workshop is highlighted below (full report):

Libraries are centers of their communities and provide a wide range of programs and activities for people of all ages. The library brings people together for crucial community conversations and to explore diverse viewpoints in a neutral environment. The library is also the perfect spot to engage people with entertainment and social gatherings.

DPL Vision Workshop

The library provides a welcoming, comfortable, and inspiring place for the community. A range of attractive, flexible, and multi-use spaces support a broad range of activities, from small social gatherings to large learning and entertainment programs. It provides new experiences on every visit and is never the same place twice.

The library provides a platform for lifelong learning. It is a crucial bridge across educational and digital gaps in the community. It fosters creativity and provides hands-on learning experiences. The community values its “membership” in the library and is rewarded for engaging in services and programs.

DPL leverages strong partnerships to provide the community with high-value, responsive, and integrated services. The community has access to library resources and programs both inside and outside of DPL’s buildings.

DPL Community Intercept

Reaching People Where They Work, Live, Play

In July 2018, library staff were busy engaging with people-on-the-street in all of our communities. We sought out residents who don’t currently use the library and residents who do use us on a regular basis and asked them to tell us what they feel is most important for them as Deschutes County residents and how the library can best support their lifestyles and needs.

Leading Conversations Within Our Communities

In August 2018 Community Conversations were held to gather ideas and feedback to help create a vision for the future of our communities and the library.

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