Redmond: Community Problem Solving Workshop

Tuesday, July 23, 2019
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Redmond Library
Multi-Purpose Room
Come join other community members to learn and practice a unique problem solving and discussion technique developed by libraries and colleges in Whatcom County, WA.

The purpose of "Community Problem Solving / Design Clinic" is to respectfully engage the collective wisdom of the group around a particular challenge of a member, in order for everyone to learn. Learning is more robust when participants have a wide variety of skill-sets, community roles, and life experiences.

Participants and facilitators are responsible for protecting the learning space, honoring all voices, and enabling effective note-taking. Participants should strive to be concise and follow the format respectfully.

A design clinic begins with the presenter sharing a simple, single question related to an authentic challenge in their work. The question should relate to a particular organizational and/or geographic context.


Question: Presenter shares a single question related to a challenge in their ongoing/upcoming work, with brief context/background to provide a frame. (~2 mins)

Clarifying Questions: Group asks questions to get a better understanding of the context; presenter shares more context. Note: group members should refrain from offering advice at this stage. Note: At the end of this step, the facilitator asks if the presenter wants to clarify anything else. (~8-10 mins)

This Makes Me Think of...: Group members share experiences and stories that this question makes them think about, related to work or broader life experiences. Note: presenter listens quietly during this time. (~8-10 mins)

You Might Try...: Group members provide suggestions about wise next steps to move the work forward. Note: presenter is still listening quietly. (~8-10 mins)

What Struck Me…: Presenter shares briefly about the most notable, interesting, and/or useful aspects of the discussion. (~2 mins)
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Adult Program
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Graham Fox
Graham Fox | | 541-312-1066