CANCELLED: Downtown Bend: Know Stars - The Sun, the Moon and Eclipses - Oh My!

Wednesday, October 04, 2023
6:00 PM to 6:05 PM
This program has been cancelled.

Hear about our celestial neighbors and upcoming Annular Eclipse.

In this public-level presentation that is full of awesome astronomical photos Dr. Fisher will tell us the tale of our celestial neighbors the Moon and the Sun, and how they will interact for the upcoming Annular Eclipse on October 14th. We will also learn facts about the Moon and the Sun, their orbits, and how they both affect the Earth (and vice versa!). Along the way we will talk about how to safely observe the upcoming eclipse.

This presentation is made specifically for public audiences and contains images of the Sun and sky taken from telescopes like the Hubble Space telescope and our own Pine Mountain Observatory located right in central Oregon. Dr. Fisher will be happy to answer questions from the audience and is even willing to play a round of "Stump the astronomer" with folks who attend the event!

Dr. Scott Fisher is a faculty member in the University of Oregon Department of Physics where he teaches introductory-level astronomy courses and serves as the Director for Undergraduate Studies for the department. Scott is the Director of Pine Mountain Observatory, which is located about 30 miles east of Bend, OR in an area with some of the darkest skies left in the continental US. Scott previously worked at the National Science Foundation in Washington, DC where he was responsible for selecting and funding astronomy programs across the United States. Before his time in Washington, Scott was based in Hilo, Hawaii where he worked as a staff scientist of the Gemini Observatory. At Gemini, he worked as an instrument scientist and as a member of the Gemini Outreach team.

In addition to his love of astronomy, Scott is an amateur photographer and a Geocacher. When he is not observing, he can often be found in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or anywhere with nightlife full of bright neon lights, poker cards, and casino chips!

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Adult Program
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Dr. Scott Fisher
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