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The Deschutes Public Library provides a wide variety of materials which represent many points of view on topics of interest to the community.

The library invites individuals to apply their own personal and family values when selecting items to browse, borrow, or use online, and encourages parents to be involved with their own children’s choices. To assist in the selection of materials, the library organizes the collection according to age and interest levels, but interests, appropriateness, and ability vary widely. Please contact staff for assistance in making selections that are best for you. We provide the choices so that you may make the decisions for you and your family.

The Library believes that the right to read and otherwise freely access information is an important part of the intellectual freedom that is basic to democracy, and hereby subscribe to the Library Bill of Rights, the Freedom To Read Statement, and the Freedom to View Statement as adopted by the American Library Association.

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. Skills such as patience, persistence, self-awareness, empathy and growth mindset are just a few of the topics you will find in many wonderful books at the library.

Take a look at this Pinterest page of books and CDs, each one identified with the skill it features for discussion in classrooms or at home.

Apps and Digital Reading

The library is your entryway to a world of digital entertainment and educational opportunities. Discover fun apps, reading games, digital books, and more!

A Note About Screen Time

Parents, it’s important to remember that experts do not recommend any screen time for children age 0-2. That includes television, movies, iPads, tablets, smart phones, etc. The reason is because that is the most important time for care givers to be interacting with the infant or toddler, which is what promotes brain development and bonding.

After two years, caregivers should be interacting with the child and the screen, asking open ended questions and encouraging conversation. That will promote the early literacy skills a child needs to be ready to read.


App Review Sites

Reading rockets
Fun and educational apps that also provide practice with the essential literacy skills.

Publishers Weekly: This Week in Apps
Publishers Weekly highlights a new children’s book app each week with a full description, background information, price and fun features.

Touch and Go
Touch and Go is a blog powered by School Library Journal. Discover the best apps and enhanced books for children and teens.

Kirkus Reviews
Kirkus Reviews the Best Book Apps. Explore over 50 electronic, interactive book apps. Continue to explore and read reviews on the latest in picture book apps.

Ocean House Media, Inc.
Oceanhouse Media, Inc. is a leading publisher of more than 315 apps. Favorites include Dr. Seuss, Fancy Nancy, Tacky the Penguin, and Byron Barton’s book apps.

The Internet is a wonderful resource, but all Internet users, especially children, should be aware of the safest ways to use it. The sites below offer excellent introductions and guides to Internet safety:

Child Safety on the Information Highway A discussion of the benefits and dangers of the information highway, with guidelines and advice for parents and families.

More Resources

  • Why is early literacy important?
    A child who enters kindergarten with a strong vocabulary, a love of books, and a familiarity with playing with words, has a definite advantage. You can help those skills develop.
  • Read, Rhyme and Romp
    A workshop for parents & caregivers about books & young children. Learn what you can do to help your young child get ready to read.
  • Reading Rockets:  Launching Young Readers
    Get ready, get set for the best school year yet with Reading Rockets, the super stellar reading website for parents and educators.
  • Teacher Request
    Teachers, you can let us know about class assignments by filling out this quick and easy web-form.
  • Current Class Assignments
    Research guides for class assignments submitted by teachers, with pathfinder, recommended reference books and websites.
  • Vroom
    Site with home-based early learning activities

More Links

Child Care Resources

Child Care Resources is dedicated to providing comprehensive resource and referral services and child care provider training to all communities in Central Oregon. We attempt to promote and recruit more accessible and affordable child care. We encourage community involvement through volunteerism, parent education and provider training. Child Care Resources' services are available to all families in need. The overall commitment of this program is to enhance the welfare of Children and families in the tri-county area.

KIDS Center

Each year, Kids Intervention & Diagnostic Services Center, commonly known as KIDS Center, serves almost 700 children from the tri-county area of Central Oregon with child abuse evaluation and treatment services.

Bend Metro Parks & Recreation District

We invite you to explore our web site and learn more about the Bend Metro Park & Recreation District and the services we provide for the community.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Oregon

Big Brothers Big Sisters matches youth aged 6 to 15 with positive adult role models.

Cascade Community School of Music

A dynamic continuum of education and performance programs affords all members of our community the chance to reclaim the joy, creative power and satisfaction of making music.

Neighbor Impact

Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty by helping remove the barriers that prevent people from achieving economic self-sufficiency. COCAAN builds on the strengths of the community and individuals to help families and individuals get the resources they need to build a stable, independent future.

Central Oregon Family News

A free publication providing information on topics concerning parents with children of all ages. Features the most comprehensive family event and activity calendar in Central Oregon.

Central Oregon Family Resource Center

We believe that being a parent is the hardest job there is. It is a job that does not come with instruction manuals or a clear description of what to expect. It is often a bumpy road. But one thing is certain: we all want to be the best parents we can. The Family Resource Center can help. We reach thousands of Deschutes County families with our services every year.

Central Oregon Park & Recreation District

Welcome to the Central Oregon Park and Recreation District web page. Our site provides useful information concerning the district programs, operations, opportunities, and funding.

Head Start (program of Neighbor Impact)

Head Start is a federal program for preschool children from low-income families.  Children who attend Head Start participate in a variety of educational activities.  They also receive free medical & dental care, have healthy meals & snacks and enjoy playing in a safe setting.

Healing Reins

Provide memorable healing experiences to disabled, emotionally challenged or behaviorally at risk children and disabled adults through physical, social and emotional interaction with horses and volunteers at a professionally staffed equestrian center.

High Desert Education Service District

Has information on Healthy Beginnings (free early childhood wellness and development screenings for Deschutes County children aged from birth to five years) and other services offered by HDECD.

High Desert Museum

The nationally acclaimed High Desert Museum is dedicated to broadening the understanding of the High Desert's wildlife, culture, art and natural resources. In doing so, it strives to promote thoughtful decision making to sustain the region's natural and cultural heritage.

MOMS Club of Bend, OR

(chapter of Moms Offering Moms Support, Intl) Being an at-home mom doesn't have to mean being alone. We offer many different activities each month and you are welcome to be as active as your schedule allows.

A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling Web Sites

A huge award-winning site with many many different types of information for the homeschooler.

Alphabet Soup

Educational resources for home schooling parents and teachers with thematic and holiday units, art and crafts, alphabet activities and literature connections.

Compare Reviews for Online Homeschools

Consider all of your online homeschooling options and choose one that fits best with your educational philosophy and the student’s needs.

Homeschool World

The official web site of Practical Homeschooling Magazine.

Family Unschoolers Network

The Family Unschoolers Network provides support for unschooling, homeschooling, and self-directed learning. You will find newsletter articles, reviews, resources, web sites, books and lots of other information to help your homeschooling or unschooling efforts. The Family Unschoolers Network promotes the belief that learning can be fun for the whole family.

Jon's Homeschooling Resource Page

With over two hundred component pages, this is one of the largest home schooling sites on the Web. But most gratifying is that it remains one of the most popular, with over a thousand incoming links and hundreds of visitors a day.

Multnomah County Library Home Schooling Home Page

This page offers links to research guides and Multnomah's very extensive Homework Help page.

What You Need to Know About Homeschooling

From, you will find many pages of links to articles and resources for the homeschooler.

Assignment Alert

If you are a teacher in Deschutes County and have assigned a homework project for your students, please let us know at the public library. Depending on your needs, we will create research guides, pathfinders or bibliographies to help students identify useful materials for more effective research and to complete assignments. Complete and submit this form, and a staff person will promptly reply to your request.

Children's Booklists on the Web

An extensive list of booklist sites.

DPLS Spanish Language Collection 

!La Colección de la Lengua Española! The Spanish collection includes materials for children and adults. Deschutes Public Library System lends books, magazines, videos, cassettes, CDs and much more for FREE.


An Internet guide for families and caregivers, focused on giving kids safe, entertaining, and educational on-line experiences.

Literacy Center.Net ~ The Early Childhood Education Network

The LiteracyCenter.Net serves more than a million free literacy lessons a month to children in 141 countries. It provides safe learning activities for parents and teachers to share with young children. All online lessons are free of advertising and free of charge.

Your bags are packed, you're ready to go - but you're a little worried about all that car time? Well, fear no more. This site has games and activities arranged according to age group. 

Parenting Page from Multnomah County Library

Child development sites, medical resources, family facts, and more.

Parents Page

Pathfinders for parents from the Nassau Library System on Long Island NY.

Assignment Alert Form

If you are a teacher, you can let us know about assignments in your classroom by filling out this quick and easy web-form.  With advance notice, we can do an even better job of helping your students find useful materials when they visit the library.

Bend-La Pine School District

Home page for K-12 schools in Bend and La Pine.

Redmond School District

Home page for K-12 schools in Redmond, Terrabonne, and Tumalo.

School Report Cards

School report cards from the Oregon Department of Education, arranged by County, School, and District.

Sisters School District

Home page for K-12 schools in Sisters.

¡Colorín Colorado!

This site (the page name is a nonsense phrase that marks the end of a story read aloud in many Latino cultures) brings solid literacy information to Spanish-speaking parents.

Para Los Niños

This Multnomah County Library's Spanish-Language page has links to games, information and homework help for Spanish-speaking children and parents.

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