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Undefined: an Arts Publication

Our mission is to provide a platform to recognize and celebrate the creative work of teens and young adults ages 12-20 in Central Oregon.

Submissions for Volume 2 are now open

We are accepting:

  • Original fiction writing (short stories, poetry, etc) up to 1,000 words
  • Original nonfiction writing (essays, journalistic pieces, etc)
  • Media reviews (books, movies, music) up to 200 words
  • 2-dimensional art in digital format (photography; images of drawings/paintings/mixed media; digital art)

Additional information

  • Submissions accepted from ages 12-20
  • A review board will consider all submitted pieces for quality and authenticity
  • You may submit more than one piece but publication is not guaranteed for all work
  • Pieces may be edited for grammatical clarity but no other changes will be made without the consent of the author

Submission Deadline for Volume 2 is October 9! Look for Volume 2 in your local library and on this site in early November

Questions? Contact April Witteveen:, 541.617.7079

Page Last Modified Tuesday, September 22, 2020